Sketch Pencil

• Real wood graphite pencils, ideal for writing, drafting and sketching
• Made of high quality wood, Sharpen smoothly
• Lead fully bonded to the wood to prevent breakage
• Available in HB ~ 8B degrees
• Complies to European safety standards EN
• Made from renewable plantations
• Not for children under 3 years
• Non-toxic
• About Dura lead technology: Dura lead Technology provides extra support for the lead stability, durability and prevents lead breakage. With Dura lead, you can concentrate on your creative efforts without being distracted by issues like lead breakage. 12pcs per box

122102: B2, Hex, dozen box
122103: B3, Hex, dozen box
122104: B4, Hex, dozen box
122105: B5, Hex, dozen box
122106: B6, Hex, dozen box
122108: B8, Hex, dozen box

  • 122102 1
  • 122102
  • 122102 1
  • 122102